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Welcome to RIM of the World Risk Management!

This website provides risk, and emergency/disaster preparedness-related information, including general information on risk programs,  training, and emergency preparedness for the Rim of the World School District locations.

Risk Management is responsible for the development, oversight, and management of risk and loss control programs that protect the environment, provide safe and healthy conditions for work and study and comply with applicable local, state, and federal regulations.  Risk Management works with our Safety Officer to provide safety/risk/loss program development, educational programs, technical assistance, and health and safety services to the campus locations and district office.

Risk Management also functions as an internal consultant to Rim Administrators and academic and administrative units, in addition to faculty/staff members and students in all areas of risk and loss control. Risk Management provides health and safety investigations/inspections, as necessary, and is based out of the central district office.

Kerry Castillo
Kerry Castillo
Risk Management Coordinator
(909) 336-4121